Peace Be Still

i hear the rain pitter patter on the roof on my soul

i am sitting in the house i built inside myself
listening to music that makes it hard for me to breathe
and then You knock
and i know it’s You
but i’m still scared to open the door
i know that when i open the door i will be treated to Your goodness
trust in you will blow my mind in a way i alone cannot comprehend
i scream through the door
in that moment You take control of my music
and once again You play just the right song
and i’m taken back to the last time it hurt
i’m taken back to all the glorious things i experienced
b e c a u s e
of the pain
i’m taken back to the times You held my heart in Your hands
i remember the feeling of Your arms wrapped around me
and i finally open the door
You wrap Yourself around me
as i start to cry You say
“Peace be still”
and the rain stops
i start to explain myself to You
but You already know that i break myself in pieces
because i need you to remind me that You can and will
put me back together again
i wipe my tears and excuse myself
when i come back i place my fears at Your feet and say
“here am i, send me.”
-Tori Albertson

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